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Internet Explorer 11 rip

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Internet Explorer 11 больше не будет получать поддержку или обновления для системы безопасности, начиная с 16 июня 2022, и в какой-то момент в будущем он будет постепенно удален со всех ПК с Windows 10 с помощью центра обновления Windows. 
Microsoft's Internet Explorer has died many deaths over the years, but today is the one that counts. The final version of the browser, Internet Explorer 11, will no longer receive support or security updates starting today, and it will gradually be removed from Windows 10 PCs via a Windows Update at some point in the future. It was never installed on Windows 11 PCs at all.
That's the end of the line for Internet Explorer, a browser that annihilated all competitors in the late-'90s browser wars only to be decisively wiped out in the early-2010s browser wars. 
Google Chrome is on top of the world today, but that didn't happen overnight, and the browser wars have been nothing if not cyclical.